The ultimate monthly business membership.

This isn’t about being busy. It’s about getting stuff done.

We aren’t about worker bees here.

This is a thrivemind, not a hivemind.

Less bzzz. More biz.

And absolutely no BS.
Here's what I know:
You don’t need more content. You need more accountability

You don’t need to get more stuff. You need to get more stuff done

You don’t need another course. You need a kick in the pants.

(A loving and gentle kick in the pants, to be exact.)

You need Thrivemind.

(It’s all of those things.)
Because here's the deal...
Working for yourself is the best!

But it's also haaaaaard.

And you didn't necessarily get into this business thing because of your dazzling discipline or exceptional self-accountability.

Of course not.

You started your business because you had a skill, a talent, a product, or a service you wanted to share with the world -- to help the world. 

On your terms.

You don't have a boss looking over your shoulder. You have sweet, glorious autonomy.


But... that can be both a blessing.... and a curse.
So how do we, as business owners, maintain a healthy level of autonomy...

...yet still grow our businesses, get the accountability we need, and get the perspective from others that we need without a lot of extra time commitment and content?

Enter: Thrivemind.

While I no longer offer one-on-one coaching or consulting, you get the next best thing inside Thrivemind.

(Though I would argue it’s even better.)
Thrivemind includes...

Quarterly strategy sessions
Biweekly group coaching
Thrivemail: Weekly inbox accountability
Daily access to the private group
Monthly virtual biz book club
Exclusive workshops and interviews with expert guests
Essentially, when you join Thrivemind, you get accountability and access.

“You mean no courses or trainings or webinars?"


This isn’t about what everyone else is doing. 

I’m throwing out the old membership model. 

(I tried it. I didn’t like it.)

It might work for some, but it doesn’t work for you.

(That’s why you’re reading this.)
I've seen it, and I know you've seen it, too:

When people are trying to grow and scale their businesses, they seek out more... stuff.

More shiny objects. More squirrels. More content.

But that's not what you need.

That's not how you move from 5 to 6 to 7 to 8 figures and beyond.

That's not how you create a sustainable business.

That's not how you build a legacy.
Better than one-on-one coaching:

"There are so many actionable nuggets in this program! The time that Courtney spends in the group, answering questions, offering ideas and feedback? It's like one-on-one coaching, only better (because we get to learn from everyone else's questions too!)...It's worth every penny."
Danielle Beauregard
Fusion By Design Collars
So how does this work?
Daily Access to Our Private Community
Because this group is only accessible to paid members, this means we get the extra snuggly intimacy only found in masterminds, and we all get to hold each other accountable, celebrate each others’ successes, and give the consoling, virtual pat on the back for each others’, um, not successes. (Though in Thrivemind, I know we won’t encounter many of the latter.)
Exclusive Workshops + Interviews with Expert Guests
I know some smart, savvy people, and I want to share their business and marketing magic with Thrivemind! But remember: The point of Thrivemind is not about extra fluff, so you can be sure these workshops and interviews will be short, sweet, and actionable AF. I mean, you've got a business to run, amirite?!
Monthly Biz Book Club
What if, when you read all of those business, personal development, and leadership books, you actually had a group of biz besties to discuss them with? (How much more would you get out of them?) In our monthly virtual book club, we focus on just one biz book once a month, then meet in a digital classroom to discuss, dissect, and then take action. We're not just reading -- we're implementing!
Biweekly Group Coaching
Everyone's favorite part! While I don’t do 1:1 coaching or consulting, I do offer that kind of access via our group Zoom calls. We meet in a digital classroom where you’re free to ask questions and get answers directly from me (or just hang out and soak up the strategies). It's perfect whether you’re on the go or right in front of your computer. 
Quarterly Strategy Sessions
Once a quarter (four times a year), I'll walk you through the process I use to get a 360° view of my business, including assessing and improving upon KPIs, (fancy talk for the metrics that matter). We'll set goals that will keep you productive -- not just busy -- and truly move your business forward.
Thrivemail: Weekly Inbox Accountability
It's Thrivemail! Here's how it works: Once a week, you get an e-mail from me asking what you did the following week. You reply. Then I reply back. Sometimes you'll get a loving emoji or a thoughtfully chosen GIF, but sometimes I'll fling a little coaching your way. The most important part is that you reply. Opening and closing the feedback loop like this weekly ensures you get more $#*t done. Plain and simple. 
Join Thrivemind.
Accountability. Access. Awesomeness.
You need:
Accountability and access....

...In the form of a community of like-minded business owners with the same level of ambition as you to help push you to the next level.

(With a few nudges from me to you in your inbox and in our group coaching sessions.)

Flying solo is fine, but if you’re in this biz thing for the long haul, you know you can’t — and shouldn’t — do it alone.

You know that we really are the sum of the seven people we spend the most time with — for better or worse.

Why not make sure those seven (or so) people are as awesome and ambitious as you?

That’s what Thrivemind is all about.
Praise for Thrivemind.
(Formerly known as The Marketing Mastermind.)

More cashflow, more customers:

"In this incredible (but somewhat saturated) age of internet marketing, it's a rare occurrence to come across a business mentor who truly walks their talk. Courtney Foster-Donahue is a no-fluff, get down to business, stay focused, achieve greatness and still have time to binge watch your fave shows kinda gal.

If you're ready to take the next step in your business, to boost your cash flow, and gain better and more engaged customers, I highly recommend working with Courtney."

Katie Tassone-Milligan


New streams of income:

"The support, encouragement, and practical training helped me make my own online courses possible. And I'm not even TALKING about the extra webinars, Zoom Calls, and live in-group videos Courtney is famous for.

My advice is to work with Courtney in any capacity you can swing it. You won't be sorry."

-Dan Tricarico

The power of accountability:

"The momentum and push this Mastermind has given my business, both my online venture and my local design studio has really been one of a kind and I will forever be grateful.

Being surrounded by people who are working hard towards their goals that support you and root for you through your journey is a must have, so don't hesitate joining."

-Anna Mae Patton

Newfound confidence:

"As an accountant who has shied away from marketing whenever possible, Courtney is a god-send... I don't really know if I can communicate how much I've gotten out of this mastermind through mere words.

All I can say is that I'm so happy I joined, and this has been the only program that has given me the confidence to go out and market!"

-Deepa Ramachandran
Join Thrivemind.
Accountability. Access. Awesomeness.
Got questions? I've got answers!

Why is this just $33 a month?

Obviously, the value here is a flippity jillion dollars. We both know this. But this is me being 100% transparent with you:

$33/month makes this a
 no-brainer. You don't have to keep revisiting this sales page five times a week for the next year before you buy, because this is at a price you can do now. I'm never one to enable indecision, so I priced it way lower than I felt necessary to get you to commit and do this. Like today.

In fact, I feel so strongly about the value in Thrivemind that I'm offering it at this silly price (seriously, who prices anything at $33?!), and I'm re-structuring my entire business to honor Thrivemind's mission. BAM.

You can cancel anytime (but my guess is you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon).

And while I can’t promise it will be $33/month even next week, when you do join, you will be grandfathered into that rate as long as Thrivemind exists.

I’ll make it my business to get all up in your business.

You know the ROI is going to be bananas. You've probably read enough. Just click here to jump to the bottom of this page and join. You're welcome.

What's the refund policy?

Refund, you ask? My guess is that after you join the membership, you’ll be thinking of a different “r” word — referral! 
#nailedit 😉

But seriously, try Thrivemind Risk-Free for 14 days. Within those 14 days, if this membership doesn’t meet your expectations, let me know, we'll issue you a refund and send you on your way. I don't want your money if this doesn't help you.

You're free to cancel your membership at any time.

What's included?

Join Thrivemind today, and you'll receive:

Quarterly strategy sessions
Biweekly group coaching
Thrivemail: Weekly inbox accountability
Daily access to the private group
Monthly virtual book club
Exclusive workshops and interviews with expert guests
Who runs this thing? (Me!)

Hi! I'm Courtney, founder of As a business and marketing strategist (and four-time entrepreneur), I witness new business owners (and established business owners) get distracted by the shiny objects of the online biz education world every. single. day.

So I wanted to do something to fix that.
Enter: Thrivemind. 

With this membership, I hope to invert the paradigm so that we see more implementing and less consuming for consumption's sake. Chances are, you probably have exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. Now you just need a loving kick in the pants to make it happen. 😉

That's what Thrivemind is all about. 

What's the deal with Thrivemail?

Some facts for you:

If I tell you I'm going to be checking in on you -- as an individual -- every single week, you're going to get more done.

If I tell you I'm going to expect a full report, you're going to get even more done.

If I tell you that I'll be occasionally offering inbox coaching as well, you're going to get waaay more done. 

(It's called accountability. You've probably heard of it. It's dazzling.)

Thrivemail leverages the magic of that force to help you get the most done because you know, no matter what, you'll be getting an e-mail from me asking what you did during your workweek. Sometimes I'll reply, but the point of this is for you to reply. (Something tells me you will.) 😉

How is this different from other masterminds and memberships?

No trainings, no webinars, no courses. All accountability and access 24/7. 

What do I have against courses? Absolutely nothing. I even sell a few, and I strongly believe in what they can do. BUT I know that -- beyond a few courses that teach you necessary skills and strategies for your business -- you probably have more than enough of that.

Instead, you need a platform to help you implement more, celebrate you when you do, and hold you accountable and help you when you don't. That's why I created Thrivemind. 


When can I get started?

Right now. Just tap that sassy coral button right below and 🎶 let's get account-a-ble, account-a-ble. 🎶

You're part of something good!

Your purchase will better your business, but also the world!

10% of all proceeds from sales of Thrivemind go to the Pre-emptive Love Coalition, an organization that, in their words, "engage(s) the world’s most polarizing conflicts by confronting fear with acts of love."

Their presence and actions in some of the world's most war-torn regions has saved and improved lives for the last decade, and I'm honored to have a platform in which to give to their cause.
Praise for Thrivemind.
(Formerly known as The Marketing Mastermind.)

"I could not be happier!"

"...Simply AMAZING! Courtney's knowledge, expertise, and teaching style is exactly what I needed to move forward in my business. When I first started [my business], I had millions of ideas but never implemented any of them.

After the 90 days, I am happy to say that I have finally focused down on my idea, stopped making excuses, and actually started... I could not be happier!"

-Ashley Owen

More growth in three months than in five years:

"Beyond the content, the group itself has been the most valuable mastermind I've ever been a part of.

I've taken more practical, tangible, measurable steps toward growing my business in the last 12 weeks than I have in the entire 5 years I've been doing this.

I still have a long way to go, but now I feel like the little engine that could."

-Sheila Bennett

Massive clarity:
"If there's one word that I could use to describe Courtney's Mastermind, it's clarity. The clarity that I receive from this mastermind is something I've never been able to obtain. Courtney, as well as the mastermind participants, have helped me push my business in a direction that breaks the mold AND bring me happiness. "

-Josh Martin

Being among a group of people with the same level of ambition as you.

No need to crowdsource opinions from the mixed bag that is free groups.

Access to experts as you uplevel your business beyond what you thought possible.

Accountability at all corners to help you move the bleeping needle in your business already.

It’s Thrivemind.

I made it just for you.

And I made it possible for you to join right now.

Thrivemind is just $33 to get started.

That’s it.

No need for pros and cons lists.

No hemming and hawing.

No indecision.

It’s a business no-brainer.

Ready to get more done this month than you ever thought possible?
Join Thrivemind today.

The ultimate monthly business membership.
👉🏻 Private members-only group
👉🏻Biweekly group coaching
👉🏻 Thrivemail: Weekly inbox accountability
👉🏻 Exclusive workshops + interviews with guest experts
👉🏻 Monthly virtual biz book club
👉🏻 Quarterly strategy sessions

Thrivemind is just $33/month​​​​​​ when you join today.